Pros and cons of performance management – David Azzato’s opinion

Unfortunately, not all businessmen know what a good management is. The entire success of any business – be it online or offline – relies on a skillful manager who knows how to be a great leader. Having an efficient team of employees is not enough, as David Azzato proved us countless times. But here are the most significant advantages and disadvantages of performance management.

David Azzato let us take a peek into his world

“Everyone is aware that in business world you are paid in cash and experience. But cash will come later, so in the beginning of your career you will have to settle with experience”, told us David Azzato soon after meeting him. It is hard to start with a big hit, but the small successes that you will accomplish will give you the experience to deal with larger businesses.

However, performance management comes with a few pros and cons. Although it implies better communication and enhanced performance of every employee, it is time-consuming and it might discourage your staff. David Azzato: “The process of accomplishing performance management is not a pleasant experience. Managers have to encourage employees all the time if they want to maintain the high standards. In addition to this, managers can spend a lot time evaluating each worker, so in order to streamline this task, a specialized team has to be hired”.

Performance appraisals are often considered a waste of time by certain managers. But it is their loss. Because the performance appraisal process assists in improving employee performance, the development of the business will be noticed in a short time. The employees are trained to observe if they actually contribute to the organization’s goals and, because they will carefully examine their work done in the last year, they will learn to see their flaws and strengths.

Should you implement performance management?

“A good manager spends time examining those factors and the reports made will reflect if the employee had a notable performance. Yet because most of managers will neglect this job, employees will be poorly evaluated and they will not know what has to be changed or improved” told us David Azzato. Goals do not just happen to be accomplished and a good manager will efficiently organize systems and processes – which sums up the performance appraisal process.

Without it, performance management is not accomplished. Some of the advantages of performance management include training and development of employees, a good remuneration, succession and career planning and a profitable recruitment and selection. Yet, performance management comes with a few cons, as well. As a business will develop, some sectors can be affected.

During implementing the performance management process some of these disadvantages are likely to occur: subjectivity of the manager can lower productivity, the negative attitudes of the leaders will lead to conflicts and incompetence and the communication with the employee can suffer, especially because managers will be focused on other tasks.

It is significant to implement the performance management process and consider all of these aspects – disadvantages can be diminished and the business will accomplish the evolution desired. “Any visionary businessman has to implement it. The performance management system will allow business owners to direct performance and increase productivity considerably” David Azzato gave us one last advice.


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